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- These rules are applicable to all our clients who have done booking with us. 


-We take advance payment for confirmation of booking


- Booking taken on first come first serve basis.


- Taking pictures or videos on cell phones or personal cameras is strictly prohibited during our shoots.


- We take full payment on shoot day and delivery will be done only after payment is made.


- You Can Shoot Anytime Within Next 6 Months Once You Register After That You Have To Register Again


-If there is a delay in payment there would be delay in delivery too.


-If all past payments were made then only delivery would be done.


-If the payment made by cheque bounces for any reason there will be 10% fine which will be strictly taken. 


-Incase you postpone the shoot at last minute, we charge 1000/ - extra for package for rescheduling the shoot.


-Client is responsible for all their personal belongings which they carry during shoots.


- Any damage caused by our equipments / props / setups during the shoot should be paid immediately.


-If the client comes late on the shoot more than 15 mins then there was fine of Rs 500 / -, which will be taken strictly additional of package amount in advance.


- Our charges are non-negotiable.


-Any payment made to us is not refundable under any condition.


-Delivery will be done in clients harddisk or pendrive.


-Package sent via whatsapp (9969672511) or email will be final one.


-There will be late fees of 10% per week on package  if any payment is delayed by more than 7 days.


-Pictures to be selected within 10 days of the clicked images are sent, after that edited pictures or album wont be given.


Selection -Picture Has To Be Done By Sending File Name And Not By Sending Pictures On Whatsapp We Wont Edit If We Do Not Have File Names


- We do not shoot in heavy rain / snowfall


-We usually take 30-45 days for delivery Wedding & 20-25 days for other shoots for the video they take 3-4 weeks for editing.


- We do offer a "Rush my Order" service which allows you to get your order completed within 10 days. Details of the "Rush my Order" 


-We may revise our packages:  Our rates can increase or decrease so do not compare your package with other client package.


-There will be a time limit of 2 hours for discounted packages upto Rs 6000 / - within which shoot will be completed.


- Our photo retouching process is limited to the following: Color Correction, Light Correction, Basic Retouching

We do not take requests for:  photo manipulations or background replacements, making additional features to a photograph


-Edited pictures will be given only if mentioned in package.


-All clicked images are not edited images.


-Raw files of video are not part of any package, if required will be charged 5000 / - per day extra


-Videos will be re-edited only after first cut is made,  it will be first cut then clients input after that the final cut. If more changes were needed


- All other charges like entry fees, travelling, tickets, food etc on the shoot day to be borne client


-Anything which is not offered in package would be charged extra.


-Out of mumbai: All charges & bills to be borne by the client  We take airfare if drive time exceeds 6 hours.


-We have the right to use our online and offline marketing activities.


- We expect active cooperation from you :)