Basic rules


- These rules are applicable to all our clients who have done booking with us. 


-We take advance payment for confirmation of booking.


- Booking taken on first come first serve basis.


- Taking pictures or videos on cell phones or personal cameras is strictly prohibited during our shoots.


- We take full payment on shoot day and delivery will be done only after payment is made.


-If shoot payment is made by website then additional 4% charges will be applicable on the transaction. 


- You Can Shoot Anytime Within Next 6 Months Once You Register After That You Have To Register Again.


-If there is a delay in payment there would be delay in delivery too.


-If all past payments are made then only delivery would be done.


-If the payment made by cheque ,and if it gets dishonored for any reason then there will be 10% fine which will be strictly taken. 


-Incase you postpone the shoot at last minute, we charge 1000/ - extra on package for rescheduling the shoot.


-Client is responsible for all their personal belongings which they carry during shoots.


-To capture events after 11.30 pm charges would be 5000/- per hour extra which would be additional to package amount.


- Any damage caused to our equipments / props / setups during the shoot should be paid immediately.


-If the client comes late on the shoot more than 15 mins then there will be fine of Rs 500 / -, which will be taken strictly additional of package amount in advance.


- Our charges are non-negotiable.


-Any payment made to us is not refundable under any condition.


-Delivery will be done in clients harddisk or pendrive or through Wetransfer link (upto 2 GB).


-We are not responsible for any loss of data after delivery is done from our side.


-Package sent via whatsapp (9969672511) or on our website are the final ones.


-There will be late fees of 10% per week on package if any payment is delayed by more than 7 days.


-Pictures to be selected within 7 days after the clicked images are sent, post that edited pictures or album wont be given.


Selection -Picture Has To Be Done By Sending File Name or mailing full resolution pictures, Not By Sending Pictures On Whatsapp .


- Bookings expires in 6 months post that new booking has to be made.


-We usually take 75-90 days for wedding delivery & 30-45 days for other shoots & for the video we take 4-6 weeks for editing.


-Album delivery takes around 90 days after shortlisted images are sent by the client. 


- We do offer a "Rush my Order" service which allows you to get your order completed within 8 days. Details of the "Rush my Order" can be asked on call personally . 


-We may revise our packages:  Our rates can increase or decrease so do not compare your package with other client package.


-There will be a time limit of 2 hours for discounted packages upto Rs 8000/ - within which shoot will be completed.


- Our photo retouching process is limited to the following: Color Correction, Light Correction, Basic Retouching

We do not take requests for:  photo manipulations or background replacements, making additional features to a photograph


-Edited pictures will be given only if mentioned in package.


-All clicked images are not edited images.


-We deliver images in JPEG format . 


-Raw files of video are not part of any package, if required will be charged 10000/ - per day extra


-Cinematic Video will be re-edited only once after first cut is made,  it will be like first cut then clients input after that the final cut. If more changes are needed it would be charged extra.


- All other charges like entry fees, permission cost, travelling,food etc if required on the shoot day to be borne by client.


-Anything which is not mentioned in package would be charged extra.


-Out of Mumbai & Pune: All charges & bills to be borne by the client  We take airfare if drive time exceeds 6 hours.


-We have the right to use our clicked images  for our online and offline marketing activities.


- We expect active cooperation from you :) 



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